Nothing quite like your first official family photo. When 2 becomes 3. It’s more than just a number. Your life will never be the same.

I got last minute call to do some location photos for a group of siblings and their parents. Everyone was getting together and they wanted to make sure to capture the event. Of course some people aren’t so great at just standing still, so this is what happened when I looked down to adjust some settings. Lucky for me I grabbed the moment.


Train Tracks

I’ve finally got some time to catch up on some shoots that I’ve done throughout the first half of the year. These shots were in February. And that’s why Arizona is awesome. Shooting outdoors, in short sleeves, in February.



I believe that you should never miss an opportunity to take photos that span multiple generations. Maybe that’s why I was so happy when Jessica called to get photos with her parents and their granddaughter. These are the precious moments that only become more priceless as time passes.



Every shoot I have now is a reminder of how time flies.  Kirsten shouldn’t be old enough to be a senior.  That’s just ridiculous.

Lots of sun for this shoot.  Lots of fun too.  Kirsten did great.  That makes my job easy.


Makeup Photos

Maybe you forgot about school prices. Maybe you just didn’t want to pay for a package without seeing the photos first. Maybe you just didn’t trust your kids to make the right faces. Whatever the reason you ended up here, I think we got some pretty good stuff. Lots of big smiles, but the it is the thoughtful looks that I find most interesting. At any rate, you will have lots to choose from.


Catching Up

I’m trying to play a little catch-up on the blog. These were from a 1 year old shoot at the park. It cracks me up how Arizona kids don’t like the grass. We sat her down in the middle of the park and you would have thought we landed on Mars. I guess when you live in the desert kids just get used to the dirt.

Despite the adjustment, we had a great time. Especially when the sunset turned the clouds into wonderful shades of pink, just perfect for matching the tutu. I love it when the weather cooperates.

Jessica invited me to come down to the park and snap some shots of Trev and team during their practice. You wouldn’t know it from these photos but we were right in the middle of a ridiculous windstorm. I guess that’s what hair gel is for.

These photos take me back to my own soccer days. I remember the most important parts of any soccer event were the orange slices, the Capri Suns, and if we were lucky, the can of soda after the game.  I guess we ran around a little bit too.

I’m still recovering from the busiest, most chaotic, insane, rewarding photographic day of the year. For the past 5 or 6 years I’ve doing annual photos for the Sahuarita Dance Center. It is really an experience unlike anything else I do all year.

A typical portrait session should be focused on bringing out the personality and drama of a person. This takes time. A connection has to be made between the subject, and the photographer, and the camera. It’s the goal of every shoot I do.  But it takes time.

So what do you do when you get 15 seconds with each subject?! That’s the craziness of Picture Day. You have to be on your toes. You have to work fast. Really, really fast. You hope all the younger kids got their naps and their snacks. And you need a little luck.

But when it works, it is fantastic. It make my day to hear that a kid who only spent 12 seconds in front of my camera has a photo that their parents are proud to frame and hang on the wall for years to come.  Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Picture Day 2012.

So we had a little slice of Cuba in AZ. Trevor was totally rocking the hat, and I don’t think he knew how cool he looked with the clothes to match, all set against the mountains and the weeds bushes.

Oh well. He will thank me in about 20 years 30 years when he gets to put these in his wedding slideshow.